Today's Hooking (haha)

Woke up this morning to see a gigantic Rambo sized scratch across my little ones face (ahem, cat ran over her head while she slept). She's ok, I just feel horrible about it. Then I decided to have a milky chocolate Cadbury  candy bar for breakfast... now I'm crocheting a panda hat for myself! So it's been a different morning. I'm heading over to my parents house today with ZoĆ« for a little family get together. My grandpa was visiting for a few months and is heading back to Iowa on Friday. Lets hope I can get some crochet done over there today and finish the last commissioned plush! Yay! I'm just about done with the big parts, all that is left is limbs, ears and a tail. Yay to quick pieces!

In other news, I have an awesome mini interview with Anna from Mohimochi Land coming up on Monday! I'm such a fan of her knitting, she is one of my inspirations to crochet tiny things to go with my plush toys. Also, after my giveaway winner announcement on Monday, I will start the process of moving my blog over to blogger! You can see a sneak peek of it now, I'm still testing out different layouts and posting. See it here! As much as I love Wordpress and it's easy way of posting, I'm just limited in customizing. I've been back and forth on the move for a while, Wordpress is like my home, so it feels a bit odd to move blogs. I'm hoping you all will come follow me on there when I switch! I'll be doing a giveaway again when I make the move! :) :)

** Forgot to mention the panda hat pattern! Here's the link to it on Ravelry: Panda Bear Hat Pattern **


  1. Just remember that you *can* export your posts out of Wordpress to import them into Blogger if you don't want to lose all of your posts! I'm not sure if comments will be exported as well, but at least you won't lose all of your blog posts :)

    Looking forward to reading your interview with Anna! I love looking at her knitted cuties.

  2. Thanks! I tested it out yesterday and it worked. Got all my posting and comments from wordpress to blogger. Then I took it all off until I get ready to open the new blog haha! That took FOREVER! :) :)