Working on Today

My work space this morning. Working on the last commissioned plush, uploading pictures, blogging and drinking iced chai! I decided to creep out of bed at 7 and try to get some work done, it didn't last long sadly. I'm hoping to get more work done today hopefully *cross fingers*.

I finished the main part of the panda hat yesterday and added pink trim last night. I love these colors, the yarn just makes me so happy. I'm hoping to get the ears done today and take some finished pictures of the hat too! The next one I make will defiantly be slightly bigger and in black and cream, I may give this one to Zoƫ after all... she loves it and cried when I had to take it off her, then I hid it behind the couch pillow. Eeep!

I really like the inside of the hat's texture. I'm normally very picky about having the right side of my work show, but I may keep it turned inside out for this project. I've been wanting to make some plush using only slip stitches, I should really try it out and see how it looks. You can see a good example of what a slip stitched amigurumi here although I'm not sure if it was done using only slip stitches, it could be worked through the back loops only as well.

Lastly, I'm finishing up the last commissioned plush, a cream colored kitty! I'm really hoping to finish these two cats up today or at least this weekend! The pieces to the orange cat are already made, just waiting for the cream pieces. I want to sew and decorate them together, pictures will be up once I finish them! :)

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  1. HA! I own a Timmie :) Well, my son does. He loves him. We've had him many years.