Basting, Quilting, Binding... oh my!

Working downstairs today on the dining table, or what it's supposed to be. I have a line up of mini quilts and paper pieced blocks. I'm anxious to get the paper pieced blocks done and having a blast making them. They are part of a little something I'm putting together for a surprise and I already finished one of them, it turned out super cute too! Can't wait to be able to post them when the girls receive them!

Finally finished hand basting my two mini quilts and I hate hand basting. Why hand baste them then? After making multiple trips upstairs to bring down my sewing equipment and forgetting to grab my safety pins, I really didn't want to go back upstairs to get them. Then, after the basting was done, I realized my chair was still upstairs... so I have to go back upstairs ANYWAYS to get it, blah. Oh well, the basting is done at least and now the pins won't get in the way.


  1. oh wow... amazing!

    we have the same thought process.. upstairs, downstairs.. screw it!

    What sewing machine do you use for your quilting? looks like a dream!!

  2. Haha, it's SO not fancy but it works great. I have a Brother CS 6000i :)