Bruiser and Mudd in Progress

Had a chance to make Bruiser's face yesterday! This guy took me a while to get the right look I wanted and I'm very satisfied with him! I'm almost tempted to keep this one, but I know in the end I'll send him out into the world. I had originally planned on making a frog helmet, but after looking through my yarn stash I'm almost out of the green I wanted to use on it. I have like 6 or 7 green shades, but I really wanted to use Smooshy Spring Tickle for the helmet, all the others are either too dark or far to light. So.... I decided to make him an almond colored teddy bear helmet instead! I think a tattered bear helmet would look best with his beat up face. This little monster is a fighter for sure!

Another monster I have in the works is Mudd. This pink monster is being made with some yarn I over dyed the other day. The yarn was originally Spud & Chloƫ Tutu, but it pale of a pink for what I wanted. Plus, I really wanted something a little more semi-solid and variegated. This monster will be getting a muddy helmet with a brown pom pom. He will also be "splashed" with mud!

I had a very productive day yesterday! I managed to pump out 3 monster heads and a torso (not shown). I just need to whip up some limbs and a helmet for the blue monster. That one is for my last commission for Penny on Flickr.

I'm heading over to Red Hot Robot today to meet with the owner! There is a chance that you will be seeing my plush their soon! Fingers crossed!

Coming soon, hopefully next week, a mini tutorial on how I dye my yarns! Thanks to a comment that was left on the blog, I decided it would be a great process to share with you all. There are many tutorials online on yanr dyeing, but I've noticed everyone does it slightly different to make it work for them.


  1. That is awesome Jess. Bruiser is amazing.

  2. I love Bruiser, he is awesome!

  3. Bruiser is looking great! Love his purple eye :D

    I'm quite curious about the pink/brown monster :D

    And yay for making a follow up on my question ;). Maybe another idea: How to you send your plushes to their new owner: sachels, boxes, embellishments,packaging,.... Do you have special labels you sew on your plush or other things that kind of brand your stuff?

  4. Wooo!! A tutorial on how you dye your yarns! I have some cotton and wool yarn that is begging to be dyed. I like the speckles that appear in your yarn ... very cool. And the colors are always so pretty. I have never attempted to dye before, but would love to try.