Crochet, Hand Dyed Yarn and Naps

Today has been good, I finally got the itch to crochet again so I decided to work on some swaps and a special monster named Urkle! Urkle is being made with one of my newest dyed yarn, Purple Urple. It was available in the shop, then I couldn't stop staring at it and took it off. Wound it up this morning and started crocheting with it this afternoon while Zoƫ napped. I LOVE this yarn and I'm not a big purple person either. It has bursts of bright ass fuchsia, pardon my french.

I have to change my plush style for a bit, my hands are cramping up badly when I try and make the little arms and legs. So for a while I will be making "weeble wobble" styled plush. They will have the head and torso (hats, ears and etc too) but I will be filling the bottom of the torso's with heavy pellets or rice to keep them standing straight and tall. I'm hoping you guys like my new style of plush, I should have one finished to show you guys soon (hopefully tomorrow!).


  1. Can't wait to see the new plush, sounds like an adorable critter!

  2. Oh I'm glad you find the arms and legs tough too. I mean I'm not glad your hands hurt but I'm glad I'm not alone in that matter!