Fabric Label Hunting

So I'm on the hunt for SUPER tiny fabric labels that I can hand stitch onto my plush. The label will be folded in half and need to be 1/4" wide by 1" folded (2" unfolded). I also want the text on only one side of the label, so it would need to fit into a 1" spot with a small space left blank to the side for sewing on and not sewing over a letter.

I sent off a message to a shop on etsy, but I wanted to check with you guys as well if you have any recommendations for such labels? The one I used was cut from my older labels to show as a reference.


  1. I'm curious about this label-thingy too. I'll be interested to hear where you eventually purchase your new labels :)

  2. Hi again.

    I was wondering if you made any progress yet on the label hunting?
    I'm looking for a good place to order labels as well, but no luck this far. I have my design and all ready (2" X 0.5" fold-able), but all the label shops I can find sell labels in sizes too big to use on amigurumi...

    Thanks in advance!