Handspun Hat WIP

Decided to start this hat last night. I really want an earflap beanie like the Panda one I just finished, so I started this one using my own handspun yarn. I'm so in love with this yarn and I really hope I have enough to finish the hat... eep! I was going to stripe the hat in an ash-mud color, but decided against it. If it looks like it's getting close, I may add some stripes in there towards the end perhaps? I think I can make it to the end though. We shall see!

Yesterday we went over to Bob's parents house to visit... the puppies! These two puppies are adorable! It's hard to see the black one near her foot, but he's black and white. They are a Chihuahua mix and super tiny! I want to steal the black one SO bad, I'm impressed with how good Zoƫ is with them.

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