Handspun Yarn... what to make?

So I spun this yarn a LONG time ago, it's been in the shop off and on. Then the cat fell asleep on it one night so now I can't resell it since it has a few cat hairs mixed in. I wound it into a ball a while back and have been glancing at it, trying to figure out what to make with it. Normally I make chunky handspun scarves, but I was hoping to make something different with it this time... it's BULKY, very bulky. The strands in my hand aren't the bulkiest part of the yarn, it has little white fuzzy ball strands spun in here and there (you can see some in the pic). I love this yarn, but it has me really thinking hard on what to make!

While I ponder about my handspun yarn, I think I'll show a sneak peek of a plush! I'm working on this plush bunny for the Eve-N-Odd Gallery's Stuffed Bunny show coming up in April. I'm very excited to get him done and shipped out here soon! This little bunny will be getting a sun dress with a carrot on the chest, hoping to work on that today!

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