Lazy Wednesday

Today was a pretty blah day. I did manage to start a new plush and I finished the torso, almost down with the head piece. I've been itching to sketch a bit this evening. I have some cute plush idea's that I would like to work on... as well as a ton waiting to be made. And yes, the sticker on my sketch book is a boob, but I covered part of it with a zombie kitty sticker haha Ive had this Buff Monster sticker floating around my desk forever and couldn't imagine what I would stick a boob sticker on, so now it's on my sketch book haha!

The current plush I'm working on will be made with some of these gorgeous colored yarns! A teal/aqua and my own hand dyed yarn. I love this color combo, it makes me drool.

Also... I got some ideas on some sewn plush, like fleece plush. I wanted a simple design based off my monsters, but I didn't want the head. So I came up with this design, thought it was super cute! Once I get the chance to head over to the fabric store I'll pick up some fleece to give this idea a go. I want to hand embroider on felt eyes and sew a cute belly button. Hehe


  1. I use that exact same Sharpie pens.

  2. That sketchbook is a hoot! Where'd you get it? Love your plush creations!

  3. Suzy - Thanks! Its a sketch book from France. A friend of mine went to visit Paris and brought it back for me. I covered it in stickers though haha