Monsters WIP

Finished up the Zombie-Monster the other day, he still needs an earflap penguin beanie. My yarn was shipped yesterday, so once i get the black in my hands I'll whip up the hat. I LOVE how he turned out! He has a tad of darker coloring around the eyes and a few creases of his body, I used color pastels on these spots to give him a "zombie" look. I wanted to bring out his eyes more and I think the darker coloring turned out great!

Today I'll be working on the second commissioned plush for Penny! She requested an aqua & orange monster, so I decided to use my own hand dyed yarn for this monster since it was filled with aqua goodness! I want to make him an orange earflap beanie, I'm leaning towards a panda styled helmet or possibly a kitty helmet. I think the kitty helmet would be super cute! I have some bright orange coming in the mail with my black yarn and if it gets here this week, I may see how that color looks with this aqua.

I'm hoping to finish up my pink bear plush and Bruiser monster soon, once I finish up commissions I'll get back to working on them for the shop! Isn't it sad to think I don't own my own monster?! I need to make myself a little monster I think! :)

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  1. LOL! The gushing blood is just TOO MUCH in the best way possible. Seriously. Also that aqua yarn is so beautiful!!!

    By the way, your panda is the subject of my WIP Wednesday post today and I have to tell you, lots of people are loving your work. I'll let you know if I post other pics of your gorgeous pattern's products!