One last post for the day... I promise!

My sketch from the inspired Qee I had in the last post. I worked up this monster idea a few minutes ago. I'm going to make him a muddy pink monster! I just threw some Spud & Chloƫ Tutu sock yarn in the dye pot to redye over it and make it a little more vibrant. The yarn turned out great, just some magical blue spots appeared on it somehow... I don't think I washed out the pot that great from the last yarn dyeing, oops! I can just work around the blue spots, it's only on one spot of the yarn.


  1. The mention of a "dye pot" has me intrigued. ... and I can't believe how many projects you have " on the hook!"

  2. I LOVE the pink/brown colour combination. I just used it myself on the elephant I crocheted. :D

    I wish I could draw... Stick figures even look weird when I draw them ;)

    Another idea for blog posts: How to die yarn :D