The Penguin Loving Zombie-Monster

Last custom commission is finished! I love this guy, he was a fun challenge. Stephanny requested a plush mixed with a zombie, monster and penguins. I came up with the zombie-monster wearing a penguin helmet and I think I nailed it on this one! The helmet took me longer than the others since I hand stitched on the white felt for the eye patch area, I was going to crochet this part but I wanted to add a little different texture to to him. He is made from some of my favorite yarn, Rio De La Plata in Green Shell Dusty colorway. It's such a soft and pretty color, very nice to work with.

I'm closed for custom commissions right now while I work on the Red Hot Robot order, but once I finish that I'll reopen! If you would like to be added to a waiting list, send me an email: