Plush Progress and Tip: Sewing Amigurumi's Together

While Zoë took her nap, I decided to work on a helmet for my recent plush monster! I decided to make a little bear helmet for the "girlie" monster, I really wish I had one for myself! (Just reminded myself to finish the panda hat I started the other day! Eep!). Hopefully I'll get the chance to add limbs to this little monster by tonight, I would love to see her finished and in the shop tomorrow!

After I finish my current plush monster I want to start on a Japanese style bear amigurumi. I've always loved the big headed bear amigurumi's with the tiny body and limbs, so I'm making one! If it turns out great then I may make some for the shop!

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Tip: Sewing Amigurumi's Together

Thought I would share a little tip with you all. Those who have been making amigurumi most likely use this tip already, but for new amigurumi makers it might be useful!

I always find it really helpful to pin my pieces on before sewing my plush together. I pin the head to the torso, then sew it all around. Then I'll pin each arm in place before sewing them on... then the legs.

You can see in the picture, I stabbed a pin directly into the ears and into the helmet. I leave the pins in while sewing them on (carefully not to stab yourself, I've done it MANY times... and still do).

Hope this tip was helpful to new amigurumi makers, maybe even others too! :)


  1. I was wondering about the sewing aspect! I have zero experience with sewing!