Plush Progress

I have a long list of plush to work on today. I managed to sew a torso and head together so far, making progress haha! I'm trying to get the last commission finished up today, or close to it. I also want to make the torso's for Mudd and Bruiser today... maybe get their limbs done as well! We shall see!

I made some progress on Mudd last night, finished up his helmet and made the pom pom. The pom pom is sooo soft, I love working with merino wool. This little monster's personality is starting to show and I love him!

My pile of plush in progress. There are two commissions in there as well as two plush for my shop and a few that are already in the shop. I had to take some over to Red Hot Robot yesterday to show so they are still waiting to go back in the finished plush box. Yes, I keep my finished plush in a locked box. One reason is to keep them away from the cats, they apparently love playing with these guys, I found that out one day by walking into a room filled with monster bits. I also keep them in a locked box to get my little ones hands off of them, she also likes the plush... but doesn't eat them like the cats.

Here's one of the reasons I'm a tad slow at getting work done today. Need I say more?

So last night my husband asked me to a challenge, a weight loss challenge. What's the challenge? See who can loose 50 pounds first... then after that challenge, it will be to see who can loose 50 more pounds. Game on! We both weighed ourselves this morning and wrote the *hefty* numbers on the calender. We can use whatever method we want and have to track our weight on the calender every Friday. I've been off and on Weight Watchers for a while, so I know that plan pretty well and know what works for me. I also plan to use Wii sports at least 30 minutes a day. I'm very interested in this challenge, I want to win! Arg!

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