Size of my plush and how I shoot them

I don't think most people realize just how small my plush are. With all their detail, they are quite tiny. Most of my plush monsters and animals are around 4" tall. Their little accessories are around 1" or less. My newest plush, Evie the Bear, is around 3" tall. I decided to take a quick snapshot of some plush I still have at the house and compare them to a mechanical pencil. I've done larger plush, but it's just not my thing. Plush that can fit in my hand or pocket are close to my heart. <3

My plush photoshoots are very fancy. Haha I normally use throw pillows and my husband's Canon 5D camera for all my pictures. Although I love to fool around with iphoneography, all my shop pictures are done with this Canon 5D. I've tried to used light tents (store bought and diy) but I never like the after effect of the pictures, too much editing for my taste.

For all my photo editing, I use iPhoto for my photo uploads. Then I use Picnik for all my editing! I often pay for the monthly fee of $4.95 since my favorite tool is the Curves tool and Eye-Bright tool.


  1. LOL I love your high-tech shooting studio! Your photos look great! :)

  2. Your plush are plain adorable. I love the amount of detail you put in them.