What I've been doing today

I have finally had enough of my 8-15" of desk space to work on crafts, sewing or crochet... so I'm moving, upstairs that is! We only use our bedroom to sleep in, like most, so we ended up using the other half of the room as storage once Zoƫ was born (2 years ago?!). I gutted everything out and rearranged the furniture to set up a really nice craft space for myself. I'm so in love with the space now, I can't stand it! I now have a standing shelf to sort out all my supplies, a desk to use only for sewing, a huge dresser/hutch to cut and iron on... and a half size cubby shelf ontop of the hutch to store all my fabrics. Eeep! I'm spending the rest of the night folding my fabrics thanks to the help of my friend Jeni, she did these amazing video's on how to fold fabric all down to the same size so they look neat and tidy on your shelf. Check it out here!

Speaking of Jeni, she has an amazing blog and does a discussion series on her blog called The Art of Choosing.

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  1. Yay! I love setting up a crafting area...it always makes me feel so inspired. Enjoy!