Yay, for sewing!

Today I took a leap into paper piecing... and I love it! I'm beyond hooked now, can't wait to try it again! I made this little sheep block using some scraps (in case it was a complete failure). I think I need to add a little black french knot eye, hard to tell he's a sheep haha! It was so much fun though!!

I also finished my first Jane Market Tote! I did patchwork center panels, pinks for the main panel and oranges for the pockets. This pattern was very easy to follow and the bag was very easy to make, I even skipped around on the pattern and it still came out perfect. I was a little short on yardage fabric for the lining so I used my Michael Miller stripes, gives the bag a little Tim Burton charm I think. I know I will be making a few more of these for xmas gifts this year! I vowed to only do handmade gifts this year. Mostly cause it's fun, but also cause being a stay at home mom has limited my extra spending money haha!

You can find the Jane Market Tote pattern here.

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