Amigurumi Soup, whats that?

Huh? Amigurumi Soup was the title I was going with for my first amigurumi pattern book... I've been working on the book proposal, new pattens and other stuff. I have decided to put a hold on the book proposal, yet again. I'm just too busy and swamped with life work and shop work. So instead.... I've come up with a different plan! I made a book on Blurb a long time ago called Fiber Addict. So, it got me thinking this morning about putting all my patterns into a book like this one. I've already started working on it a bit this morning, it's called:  


I'm loading images into the program this morning and want to start transferring all the finished patterns into it today. Once I finish a new pattern I'll type it up in the book and when I finally finish the last 3 remaining patterns I will release my own handmade book! You will be able to purchase it only directly through me on the shop or website! I'm very happy with the choice right now!

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