Blythe, I can't quit you...

So, I left the Blythe collecting hobby last year and thought I would be done for good. Lately I've been missing those big heads and thought about bringing one back into the house (sounds like a pet huh?). I'm working out an amazing deal with a flickr friend and getting a Peony! I'm a very happy person right now, and what's making me even happier... when I'm done with a little side project for the Peony, I'm sending her off to Erica Fustero for a custom. Can it get even better! So excited, I just had to blog it.

I've been leaning towards reopening Blythe customs again, but not just yet if I do. I'm missing a few of my supplies that would need to be rebought before I do. When I left the hobby, I threw away some supplies so I wouldn't temp myself into going back in. Stupid me. I even threw out several Blythe knitting patterns as well, why?! Oh well, luckily I found my notes, whew!

Luckily my old custom site is still up, I don't go under the name Sookie anymore, but the site is just fine. You can check it out here!


  1. These dolls are so cute. I fell in love with them the first time I saw them. I love those eyes.

    Why do you want to stop customizing them?

  2. I stopped customizing them last year and took a long break. Stress and life got in the way, but everything is good now and I might start doing it again. :)

  3. Yay for more dollie items. It's nice to know that stress is not stopping you from making pretty dolls look even prettier. Good luck!

    Have a nice day!