Camera Fun and Mermaid Monsters

Got a lot done on the Mermaid Monster while Zoë napped (and is still asleep, 3 hours later!). I've been working on the pattern at the same time and changing a few things since the Mer-Cat was written. I may hold on to this pattern for the book project! I talked about possibly trying to get a pattern book published in the past, then decided it wasn't a good time and put it aside. Well, today I'm revisiting that idea again and I actually want to go forward with it. I'm very excited to start this project again!

Finished the custom order for three plush pills! Yay! I still need to do some embroidered names on them, but I'll do that tomorrow. These were fun and it makes me want to make more again for the shop in this size, they're slightly bigger than the set I had for sale a while back.

Had fun playing with the camera today, one day I would love to sit down and work on a cat photography book. Cats are my favorite subject to photograph, so much personality in their little faces. Enjoy!

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