Catching Crochet Fever... again!

I took a long break from crochet, just kind of burnt myself out. I tend to do that with most crafts. I'll go non-stop into a craft, then burn myself out and move onto my next favorite craft and do it again. Eventually I make a full circle and start all over again. I've been sewing non-stop lately and I'm starting to get the urge to make plush again, whoo hoo! I'm finishing up a custom commission order of a set of three plush pills (making the last one now). After I finish these I'll be working on my frog amigurumi pattern and starting on a Monster Mermaid... and pattern! I've been asked a few times now if I plan on releasing my Mer-Kitty pattern and I am! I want to make the pattern easily customizable so you can either make a mermaid girl (or boy), monster mermaid or cat mermaid!

Since I haven't been feeling to good today, I think I'll take the hint Elvis is doing and relax on the couch and crochet.

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