Great Day and Shop Update

Today I'm having a super day, had a 50% off coupon to use at Joann's and stocked up on some interfacing. Then headed to Michael's to pick up more carving rubber and wooden blocks for mounting. I'm making a batch of hand carved stamps for the shop this week, very excited! Be prepared to see monsters, panda's and other cute stamps in the works!

Yesterday I finished a couple more pouch wristlets (pattern here), and they are headed to the shop right now! I was going to keep the Mendocino mermaid pouch, but I have some green FMF Posies arriving tomorrow and I'll make my own pouch with that! Eeeep!

Last night I also whipped up another card wallet from a Keyka Lou pattern (pattern here). Made this little wallet with some cute tattoo print fabric. This is also headed to the shop!

Also... I put together my first plain zipper pouch last night. This was my first attempt at making a plain 'ol zipper pouch and I'm pretty happy with the results. I think I'll try making it a tad smaller than the zipper width and add fabric zipper tabs to each end of the zipper for easier sewing, plus it would look nicer. This Munki Calypso fabric sleeve arrived yesterday and I didn't hesitate a minute into cutting into it, I love this fabric! Now that I cut this pouch from it, I'm afraid to use anymore right now haha!

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  1. So cute - love the Mendocino one - it's perfect! And that Calypso pouch is so cute!!