Inspiration Friday... and it's bigger today!

This week was filled with inspiration from crochet, to ukulele's, to color... and so on! So , I made a bigger collection today! Enjoy!

1. made them for my nephew, and i must mention that the snails have the "meow" of a cat., 2. In Need of Hope, 3. j o i n i n g, 4. wool-eater, 5. raspberry bunny, 6. Las monicas, 7. Uke'n Awesome - 28/365, 8. little bunny loves the bunny hat, 9. Adopted, 10. Bunny Ring Knuckleduster, 11. Ice Cream Couple, 12. Happy Poo Amigurumi, 13. "I Heart Upcycling" eco felt ukulele picks, 14. Ukulele Duo U900, 15. Book Bag, 16. Dood's Really ♥

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