Keychain Kit Colors

My Monster Head keychain kits will come with enough yarn to make one keychain and the yarn is Milky Robot hand dyed sock yarn. You will be able to pick from 7 colors or a random choice and let me pick to surprise you... the yarn might even be one that is not shown! You will also be able to pick from regular eyes or zombie eyes. Whats the difference? Regular eyes are the ones you see on most of my plush with the flowers and standard round sequins. The zombie eyes are a mix of white and iridescent sequins to create a "dead" look. I'll be posting more sneak peeks of these kits throughout the week! For now, droll over these yummy yarn choices!

1 comment:

  1. Great yarn choices! Numbers 1 & 6 in particular call to me! Can't wait to see the whole kit! :)