Rubber Stamp Carving and Kit Sneak Peek!

First time I've ever tried rubber stamp carving and I love it! Today I drew up and carved out 3 little stamps... with a small finger stabbing incident (oop's!). I want to sketch up more little pictures to carve and maybe list in the shop, monsters perhaps?? :)

Another sneak peek of the Monster Head Keychain kit! The front page of the pattern!! I will have the hardcopy of the pattern in my hands this evening and they will be in the shop tomorrow! I only have 5-6 available for now, but will list more in the shop soon after. You will be able to pick the yarn color you want in the kit as well as which eye set (standard or zombie).



  1. Those stamps are neat! Do you mind sharing how you did it, or could you provide a link to a tutorial? I'm curious about the materials needed.

  2. You know, I did a bunch of google searches on how to carve your own rubber stamps and really didn't find any really great tutorials and kinds just took a stab at it (literally) haha! I took some shots of a panda stamp I jut finished carving and I'll see if I can post a little "How To"... or at least how I did them! :)