Rubber Stamp Carving Tutorial

After posting some pictures of the stamps I carved today I got a LOT of messages asking how I did it. Before trying it out I did a google search for "how to carve rubber stamps" and really didn't get any really good tutorials... I might have just missed the good ones perhaps. So, I decided to take a few pictures of a panda stamp I started to carve to show the process I did, I'm sure there are many other ways too, I just found this easy for me.


  • Speedball Speedy-Carve Rubber Slab: I found mine at Michaels Craft store and you can also get it on Amazon for pretty cheap too
  • Speedball Linoleum Cutter: Also got at the craft store, but saw more on Amazon as well
  • Xacto Pend Knife: The one with the handle, mine is silver and you can get it at most hardware stores
  • Pencil & Paper: For drawing out your design 

Step 1)

Using a pencil, draw up a design. The pencil was the easiest to transfer my design onto the rubber slab, so I highly suggest a pencil rather than a pen. I drew up a few little designs, nothing too detailed. I'll be carving the panda through this tutorial (love him!).

When your happy with your design, you'll lay the sketch face down onto your rubber slab. Then with your finger or nail, just rub the back of the sketch to press it onto the rubber.

2) I used the Speedball Cutter for this design since I was afraid to pick up the Xacto knife again... I stabbed my index finger really bad doing the last stamp, so be carefull!! Just simply trace around your design and start carving out the negative space The negative space is the part of the design that won't have any ink on it. For the panda, I carved out all the "white" space and left the "black" parts alone (pretend it's a black & white panda).

3) After carving away, I would ink up my stamp from time to time and stamp it on paper to see how the design is looking. If you see any spots you want to fix, go for it... just remember, once you carve it out you can't get it back. Go little by little on more detailed spots and around curves.

Now go try this out! I'm completely addicted to doing these and you will be seeing a LOT more of it! Hope this tutorial was helpful to you guys! :)


  1. PANDA ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think I'm going to try day...along with everythign else LOL

  2. Ok, that panda is awesome. Thank you for the tutorial!

  3. That's GREAT! Thank you!

    Now I have to figure out where to find this stuff over here (it's invariably harder... things you can find so easy in the US I have to hunt for most times) and add this to my ever-growing list of things I must do! BBEstamps yay!

  4. Love your art work. I love carving and stamping to.

  5. Thanks for the link! I wanted to try stamp carving, but didn't even know where to begin, and your designs are so cute and original, very sweet.

  6. It's fun to see other people doing this, too! I made one of my cat's pawprint so she can officially "sign" all the holiday cards. It's really fun :D