Sewing, Elvis and iPhone Photography

Got another iPhone photography app (again). I grabbed iDarkroom, SpookyPic and Tiny Planets. These app's are fun! I haven't done any iPhoneography photo's lately so I couldn't resist taking a few today!

Working on some new pouch bags for the shop today and one is being made with my favorite print ever, FMF posies... and in green! Eeep! The other is June Bug by Alexander Henry (hard to tell from the crazy picture, I know).

 Carved up a second set of the monster & panda stamps I did a while back, these will be for the shop! I loved these ones so much and just had to share them with everyone else. The designs are almost identical, I just used the previous stamp and stamped it directly on to the rubber slab, then recarved it out. I may make a hard copy of each stamp I do so that I can reproduce the stamp over and over again!! :)

 I leave this post with my adorable cat, Elvis. <3

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