Tutorial: Etsy Picture Cropping

Ever list an item in your etsy and the picture gets cut off or cropped weird on the main gallery or shop view? Well there is way to crop your pictures perfectly and super easy to prevent this from happening. I'll be using Picnik for this tutorial since it's free and easy. There are many other editing tools on Picnik and this is where I do all my photo editing, no photoshop here! :)

Etsy pictures are a crop of 170 x 135, you can have your picture at any scale as long as they are equal to these numbers.

1) Open a picture in Picnik and go to the EDIT tab at the top and go to the CROP tab.

2) Edit the CROP actual size to 170 x 135 and then select SCALE PHOTO. Then go ahead and move the crop box as big or as small as you like, as if you were cropping a picture like normal. Don't select ok yet.

3) Once you are satisfied with the look of your crop, go back to the top and unselect SCALE PHOTO then hit OK.

And there you have it! A perfect "etsy" crop and it was super easy! Here's a picture I cropped and what it looks like in the shop.

Cropped picture:

Shown on the shop page:

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