Ukulele Love Post

Ok, so I got my first ukulele today! Ack! I was stalking the Fedex site all morning to see if it was out for delivery and it was. I have never played a uke in my life but after seeing Amanda's ukulele pictures online and hearing her talk about her uke, I just had to give it a try. So, my first uke is a Mahalo U - 35GN and it's green with glitter, what more could I want?! I know it's not the best uke, but it's my uke and I love it. After playing around with it off and on all day, I can already tell I'm in love! I'm already planning my next "real" uke to get, I want a Luna ukulele next I think... or the Duo U-900 Anuenue uke. We shall see!

Ok, on to the uke porn, stat! I did a little photo shoot with the uke tonight.

Other than my fabulous ukulele news, I took some shots of the plush I finished up a while ago... well, I retook the pictures. I'm tempted to let my ice cream cone and Mermaid Monster plush go to the shop, but I so badly want to keep them to, ack! I'll give it some thought for a bit though.


  1. Your ukulele is so pretty! Your plushes are so cute as well! :)

  2. welcome to the clan! Uke love!