A Writer... what?

Some of you have heard and remember I mentioned I wanted to put together and Amigurumi book. And yes, I am starting the big project! Whoo hoo! I was totally nervous about doing a book, but I'm going to step on the fear and go forward with it. I have nothing to loose right? Worse comes to worse, I'll just relist my patterns and continue to sell them in the shop.

Working on the pattern layout for the presentation to the publisher. The photo's are just fill-ins to give me an idea how it will look. I'm going to keep the title a secret for now, hehe.

Trying to finish up the Monster Mermaid today, only one arm to go! I hate making arms and legs, not sure why. I think it's cause they're repetitive.... unless I'm making zombie limbs with cut off parts and bloody bits! I have so much crocheting to do for this book project, better get busy!

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