Ack, been sick.

So I totally missed a day or two of posting, so not me! I caught a little bug yesterday morning and it's either food poisoning or little flu bug. I'm feeling a tad better today and thought I would do a new post! I finished up two custom plush the other day for a swap and custom order! I've started on the next set of plush to!

On other news, I started back on Weight Watchers... again! I don't know how many times I've started over on it but I just couldn't get my mind set straight on keeping up with it. I was so good my first time on WW and lost over 30 pounds in a couple months, then Zoƫ went in for the first surgery and I fell off track. I think it was the stress and worry. So 2 years later, I think I finally found my motivation again! I've been on WW for 2 days now, yesterday was more of detox day since I was so sick haha! I've already lost 2 pounds since yesterday morning thanks to the barely eating, ack! Not the way I wanted to go, but being sick always feels like a fresh start haha! I feel much better today and I'm still motivated to get this weight off! I have around 100 pounds to loose, yes, that much! According to doctors I need to loose a little more to be in the right weight area for my height and size (5'7"), but I looked amazing at 100 pounds lighter! So, I'm doing little goals here and there.... loose 5 pounds first, then I want to loose 10, then 25, just keep adding 5 pounds. I can do it!!

Took some screen shots of my WW iPhone app and love it! It is beyond usefull1 and I use it even when I wasn't on track with WW.

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  1. I love all your plushies...and I hope you feel better soon!

    My mother in law loves weight watchers and has lost 125 pounds in just over a year. I started Curves just about a year ago and have lost 68 pounds :)It's so hard though...a real life changer!