Amineko #4 and Gorey Zombie Monster... arrggg!

I finished up the Amineko (my 4th now) and the gorey zombie monster for Erica this weekend and love them! It was hard to pack up this gorey little monster, he is my favorite zombie to date so far. The guts were SO much fun to make. For those who are wondering how I did it, I embroidery a messy patch of red variegated yarn to his stomach and then did a long crochet chain of peachy pink yarn. I then took the pink chain and kind of tacked it down to form loops and let the tail of it just hang. :)

This Amineko is my 4th cat so far. I don't plan on stopping either, I love these guys! He is also on his way to Erica Fustero as part of a swap we did! She is customizing my new Simply Chocolate for me and I couldn't be more excited!

The other day I got some adorable hand knit dresses from Sherri! We did a swap as well and she made me two knit dresses, one in a grass green and the other in a gray purple. Her pom pom's are amazing! They are handmade and super perfect, I can't stop examining them and wonder how the hell she got them so perfect! I clearly need to work on my pom pom skills haha!

I adore this doll so much, I can't wait till she returns after being customized, she will be a keeper for sure! I'm trying not to let any of my current Blythe's go this time. I want them to be here for good!


  1. That zombie monster is so perfect! I love his guts :D

  2. that kitteh is the best thing! i wish i could crochet!