Amineko's, Zombie's and Blythe Stuff

Working on a few commissioned plush and trade plush this week! The first up is for my friend Naomi, she commissioned me to make a creepy-cute Zombie Girl! I love making zombie's, they are just so much fun! I started on this one early this morning and hope to head the head done later today.

The other plush that went on the hook this morning was an Amineko Cat for Erica Fustero, another person I like to call my friend. She is so incredibly awesome and we are doing a big trade with each other, so excited! I'm starting on a teal and cream Amineko Cat for her this afternoon.

Just wanted to point out that the Amineko Cat's I make are not for sale. I will, however, make them for trades, swaps and gifts since the pattern is not my own. Thank you! :)

Other than plush making, I've been working on some side stuff for Blythe. My new girl is going to be nude so she needs some clothes, stat! I worked up some boho styled crocheted hats, hope they fit, it's been a while since I've had a Blythe at the house. I'm also working on a cardigan for her in my favorite yarn ever, Shunklies hand dyed! Yum! I haven't made a Blythe cardigan in SO long, luckily I found my notes on how I made my last ones back in the day. I'm also unsure about the arm length again though, so this project might sit until she arrives this week. Eeeep!

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