Blue Reroot Done and Fun Mail Day!

After sitting on the couch for 2 hours straight, I finished the blue reroot! Woot! I need to wash it up still to get the fabric softener out of it still, but had to share some pictures for now!

Since I finished this reroot, I immediately started on the rainbow reroot! I hope to get the partline mostly done tomorrow and decided to start with red for this area. I want to do each row a different color and then repeat.

The first victim Blythe arrived today in the mail! It's the first custom since I took a long break and I'm dieing to jump into customizing her but have to wait until tomorrow when there is better light. She is a Nicky Lad and so cute... for a head hehe!

Ok, onto the fun mail day! I got my set of red felt picks in the mail for my ukulele! I know, it's not a huge mail day but they are so cute! Ack! They play great to, tone down the uke a bit and sound SO awesome!


  1. The rooting looks a little creepy, but the result will sure be gorgeous. I can't wait to see. That felt pick is very cute indeed, but how do you play with it?