Casper and other dolly projects

Finished up Casper early this morning, she is awaiting some new chips but couldn't resist a couple pictures of her. She is by far one of my favorite customs, if I could keep her here forever I would! Don't think Kirsten would approve though haha!

Started finishing up this "zombie" cardigan today. I'm calling it the zombie cardi cause the colors look all moldy and zombie-ish, love it! Yarn is from Shunklies.

Last project I'm working on is a reroot for Penny on flickr! The rest of the hair arrived today and I started on it immediately. I did the light blue the other day, worked every 3rd row and plan on filling the partline and rows with pinks. Yay for rerooting, I'm so in love with working on these lately. Almost addicted!

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  1. I have ONE Blythe-- Asian Butterfly. I adore her and can't imagine having her dissected but your customs are seriously amazing. Maybe I'll have to get another one...