Crochet and Knit

So, every time I pick up knitting I completely space out since I've been crocheting so much lately. After 9 years of knitting, I forgot how to cast on the other day since all I've been doing is making amigurumi plush haha! Luckily it came back to me after a few minutes, whew! I started on a few Blythe knits the other day and started another one this morning, a purple stripe raglan sweater. I normally don't like purple, but my hand dyed purple looked so nice against the Knit Picks Fairytale plum color.

Last night I started finishing up the Zombie Monster for Tiina on flickr, I need to add a cape and maybe something colorful to him still but I should have him done tonight! He is too cute, I love the coloring I went with and the darker spots I added to his "skin".

Another project I started this morning was Blythe sized mittens! Aaaaaaahhhhhh, so cute! I was going to opt for knitting them but since my hook was in front of me I just crocheted one. I still need to whip up the second mitten for the set, just trying out a design to see if it works and I think it does. I don't like how pointy I made them so I may change that part.

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