Crochet Boho Hats and New Banner!

Ok, I added another round to the hats and they look much better I think. More "hippie",  just the look I was aiming for! Now I need to dig through my stash and whip up some more maybe for the shop!

Did you notice the new AMAZING blog banner?! My friend Erica, made this banner for me and it's perfect! Who doesn't like a panda shooting yarn from a bazooka?! This girl is crazy talented I tell you! Did you see the panda's eyes too?! The eyes I use on my plush, eeep! Love it, thank you SO much Erica! <3 <3

On another note! I have another girl shipping to me in a few weeks! I got a Simply Chocolate, eeep! Ok, no more Blythe's for a bit. Two is just fine for me.... for now.


  1. Super cute hats, and super COOL banner.

  2. Love the panda! :) and the hats are so cute, Im jealous of the dolls! hehe

  3. That banner is AWESOME!!!