Enid, the Lino doll

Today was awesome! I got my first Lino doll in the mail from Barb! We did a trade and I couldn't be more happier! From the second I got this doll home I had her opened up and on the custom table. When I first saw a Lino doll on flickr, I knew I just had to customize one. I have only found one or two customized Lino's. One was from a doll show I saw online.

For this custom, I did the following:
  • sanded down the front and back faceplates
  • blushed across the nose and under each eye
  • tan and brown eyeshadow
  • pink coloring for the lips with super tiny lip lines
  • micro sized freckles with acrylic paint
  • super micro sized lip lines in colored pencil
I still want to get her some new eyes, I think I heard they can wear size 12mm bjd eyes. I'll need to order her a nice set, might even get her a new wig. This wig came with her and is mohair.


  1. You always amaze me with all that you get acomplished in one day! Your newest doll is adorable, congrats!