Latest Custom, this one is mine!

Just received a brand new Simply Vanilla from my friend Penny in a trade! I took her apart almost instantly after getting her out of the box. Washed up her scalp and gave it a new trim and pixie fringe. I just adore her now, I'm not 100% she will be staying, but for now I'll enjoy her while I make up my mind. I had thought about customizing her and putting her up for adoption before she arrived, but after working on her, I'm quite keen on this girl now.

I had a good mail day today too! Not only did she arrive, I got my sanding sponges and my 3 Licca bodies... although one ended up being a Jenny doll's body, not a Licca. I was so bummed because it didn't state that in the ebay listing. Blah.

So... I had an idea, I'll just do Licca surgery on her arms and transplant them onto my new girl! The process was SO easy! My only issue was pulling off the arms on the stock Blythe body, that was a bitch! I thought my hand would fall off, but eventually I got them off and made the switch. Also took a shot for the lip and nose carving I was doing on this girl while I ate lunch. I love carving even though I'm not a huge fan of my own carving. I envy so many other customizers like Erica and Hola Gominola's work, love! I have a bait faceplate coming to me soon and I'm going to whip out the big guns and go for a dremel with it! It's in bad shape so I figure I will use it for fun practice!

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