Phoebe Custom and Crochet!

Finished up Phoebe, a custom EBL that I originally customized wayyyyy back in the day. She came to me for a complete makeover and I did just that! She belongs to Jenn on flickr, I have one more of her girls here for a freshened up look and pics to follow of her soon!

After listing 5 slouchy hats in the shop, they sold out SO quick! So I started making a couple more for a shop update this week. I'm aiming for an update on Wednesday around 12:00pm MTN time (Arizona). Stay tuned for some cute hats! The purple one will be available and the one I'm working on in the picture as well!

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  1. seriously, all these pictures of your lovely custom work, is NOT helping me ignore my sudden desire to get a Blythe. ;)