Rerooting, the long stretch!

I'm doing an awesome trade with my friend Julie! I started a blue reroot for her last year and life got in the way so I couldn't finish it. Now that I'm back on track and everything is good again, I decided to work out a trade with her for her Peony! Obviously Peony is already here, I started back on the blue reroot the day the package arrived and I'm finishing the last row now. We ran out of the blue hair blend 1/4 of the way on the last row. Luckily, I had a feeling I was going to run out before I got to the last row and split the remaining hair in half, then rooted the left side and right side of the reroot so I would be even. I found some blue in my stash and it blends SO well with the colors. I'm using the new blue for the rest of the reroot, centered underneath.

Took a quick shot of my rerooting set up. I normally keep the scalp and hair on a big plate when working. I have a paper towel folded to lay my half folded wet hair (only wet on the fold area), a red bowl filled with warm water and a little fabric softener and I lay the scalp over my knee while rerooting. It's comfortable for me and everything is easier to move when I'm done, yet I can keep it all together.


  1. Wow that is dedication to a Blythe! :) I love that blue!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished pictures. :)