Reroots and Rainbows

You might have noticed I didn't do a "Midweek Favorites" yesterday. I was going to do one, but then decided to stop doing the Wednesday post. I'm not on etsy a whole lot lately and it takes a while for me to do that post and research my favorites for the week. So, I'm going to change the "Midweek Favorites" post to my favorite Blythe pics on Flickr, kinda like my "Inspiration Friday" post. :)

I forgot to post the update of the rainbow scalp I rerooted, eep! Here's some shots of the finished reroot and all it's glory!

I'm working on a 3rd reroot now for Penny. This reroot is a mix of several colors: Arctic Frost, Pink Sugar and  Sugarless Bubblegum. I started the light blue on it a coupe days ago (took about an hour and half), then started everything else two days ago. I only have 2 rows left and this reroot is done! Seems like most of my reroots are averaging 4-5 days to complete, wow!

Yesterday was awesome! My mom took Zoƫ for a couple hours while hubby and I went to do lunch and then we hit up a ton of antique and thrift stores in Phoenix. It was so nice to be kid free for a couple hours and we treasured every second! It was so nice out yesterday and rained a bit, spotted a gorgeous rainbow as well!

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  1. Thank you!!

    OMG I love it. I love THEM. That new one is fantastic too. *drool*