Reroots and Yoshi

I got an amazing email the other day and with it was a great opportunity for me with my Blythe customs. I wont reveal this news for a little while, but I'll say this, I'm beyond excited and bouncing off the walls! I took Yoshi and a few customs I have at the house that Ive done for a photoshoot, just for this event. Since I'm not using this picture I thought I would share it with you guys. It's a little sneak peek hehe.

Started on a reroot for a special custom I'll be starting very soon! The nylon hair is an even blend of Sea Nymph, Mermaid and Key Lime. I had some Milky Chocolate nylon to add as streaks, but I decided to just do the one color instead, I may add the streaks after, we'll see. So far I've done 2 days worth of work on this reroot and I have about 4 rows left. I hate working with nylon sometimes, it tends to fuzz up or kink and I'm having some light fuzzing issues inside the scalp. I know it looks perfect to most, but I hate to see one hair out of place so it's driving me crazy. Ahhh!

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  1. How exciting for you! You really are so talented and deserve lots of success! Congrats on whatever it is - and that re-root is making me want sea kelp hair :-)