Sea Kelp Reroot... the long stretch!

I'm nearly done with this sea kelp reroot for my own girl. This reroot is going to go on my future Zombuki Blythe custom and I couldn't be more excited! Brigitte of Zombuki is doing a fun swap with me and I can't wait to see what she comes up with on my girl, the base doll is going to be a Simply Lilac.

Did some shots of Yoshi yesterday for fun. I just love photographing Blythe dolls, they have so much detail in such a simple doll. I took her apart last night and brightened up her faceup a tad, swapped out the last 2 sets of chips and glued down her scalp finally. I'll take new pictures of her soon when the rubber bands are off. For now, enjoy some Yoshi pictures!

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  1. Rawr! The colors look stunning! Can't wait to see it up close :3 Need to photograph that hair, eep!