Such a nice Saturday!

Worked on a custom for a bit this morning. Got my new can of MSC last night and was dieing to lay the first layer so I can start adding color to this girl's face. I'm so incredibly pleased with the lip carving, I'm so used to making smiles and have been dieing to do a slight frown or "no emotion" mouth. I'm tempted to work on my girl instead of shipping her out, we'll see!

This morning I also started on a cute crochet hat design. Still trying to decide if I should make it an earflap hat or strap helmet with panda ears. I'm letting it hang out while I decide still...

I'm also hoping to sew together two plushes tonight. The zombie girl is for a custom commission and the aqua monster withthe panda hat is for an awesome trade with Sherri! I still have 3 more plush to make this upcoming week!

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