Today's Line Up & Goals

I'm working on a handful of plush trades. I'm finishing up the last parts to a zombie girl and aqua monster. Then once I'm done I plan to finish the Amineko's head and hope to get started on the body. I still have 2 more plush to add to the group, but I got lucky on one and already have a body and head done that I can use for one of them! Score!

Yesterday I started cutting out and pinning some new Blythe dresses for Cake and the new girl on the way! I picked out a few cute prints and a solid gray to sew up, I want to make a cardigan to match each dress too. My Peony is tricky to dress since her hair is so pink, so I need to find the right style for her. I can't wait to get these girls customized, eeep!

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  1. How cute! I love the little pieces of clothing all pinned together to one piece of fabric. They're so small. :D