I've been getting the itch to knit again, whoo hoo! It's so weird hw my crafts come in season almost haha! Once my new wheel arrives, I plan to spin up some roving I've been hoarding. I want to use it to make a February Lady Sweater, with the handspun for the garter yoke. I saw this cardigan here, and knew I had to make one similar with my own handspun! I'm not sure if I'll use the aqua/teal/gray roving I've been stashing, or go with one that is pink/orange/white for the sweater. Whichever I don't use I'll be using on Zoƫ's cardigan. I want to make her a matching one, or kinda matching one.

Other than planning out my knits, I took some yarn I had spun off my drop spindle the other day. I was going to ply it, but eh, decided to make a quick slouchy Blythe hat with some of it. I love how it turned out! I should have blocked the yarn first but again, eh, oh well haha!

Other than more crochet, I finished the lids on one of the customs I've been working on. She is a storm themed girl, supposed to be a "delicate girl lost in the rain". I may add more eyeshadow to her and sweep more pearl shimmer on her as well. Just waiting from the customer before I do it.

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  1. That hat is gorgeous! i am a beginner knitter, and I can't wait till I can make cute hats like this :)