Custom Monster Petite Blythe... oh yes and the Lino doll!

My good friend Amanda sent me two petite Blythe in the mail a while ago and I finally got around to customizing one of them. This was not only my first attempt at petite customizing, but it was also my first attempt at using my scalpel blade for carving and doing a tooth! I am now madly in love with my scalpel!

Up next is my Lino doll again! I redid her faceup a tad and added hand painted lashes and some pearl coloring to her. Also, she is available for sale right now! She does have a flaw, there is a light melt like mark on the top of her head from E6000 glue to hold her wig on. It is covered up by her wigs though and I have sanded it smooth.

She comes with 4 fur wigs and 2 mohair Kemper wigs, as well as a handful of clothing (not sure which doll they are from) and a carrying case that was made by the previous owner of her.

She is $115 Free shipping worldwide.

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