Eurotrash, Crochet and Customs Update

Today I got my first two Eurotrash helmets in the mail from a partial trade! I'm over the moon, I love them! Naturally, since Chuck is the only girl in the house now, she claimed both. I was going to see if I could trade one for another color, but I'm not so sure now. If I do, I'll aim to trade the gray kitty helmet, I didn't think I would like the orange tonttu helmet this much, it's so cute!

Started working on a very light mohair slouchy hat for a little special doll heading my way soon! I'll post pictures of the little surprise when she arrives! I'm nearly done with the hat now, just working on a few more rows to give it that nice slouch.

I've been a little behind on customs due to Zoƫ being a handful this week and last. Last weekend didn't help with it being Father's Day on Sunday, my parents anniversary on Monday and my 28th Birthday on Tuesday. Busy, busy! So, I'm sitting down at my desk tonight and will be working on a few faces, hopefully I'll have new pictures this weekend for some of you who are waiting so patiently! I'm behind a tad on reroots as well, but once I get customs caught up I'll be jumping on those immediately! Thanks guys!

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