Mail Day, Chuck and Knitting!

Today's mail day made me so happy. I got my two rovings from Renee's shop and LOVE them. I actually hugged them when I opened up the package haha! Seeing all this fiber show up every day is killing me, my wheel will be here Thursday and I don't think I can last much longer! Look at the top roving, ahhh!

So it's official, I listed my girl Yoshi on BK (Blythe forum). She is for sale even though I said I would never sell her. I had it on my mind while I was waiting for Chuck to arrive and had a feeling I may consider letting Yoshi go if I fell in love with Chuck... by the way, Chuck is my Simply Chocolate Blythe haha! And yes, I fell madly in love with the new girl and want to only keep one Blythe now, I tend to pick favorites only and want to spoil just one. Sounds funny I know. After Erica customized Chuck, I never thought she would have turned into my dream Blythe and she did. Love this girl!

Like I said above, Yoshi is for sale. For those who are interested that read my blog, she is $350 with free US shipping or $30 international shipping. Her only flaws is that her eyemech tends to stick a tad... well into really stick but it doesn't click fully into place and I need to jiggle her string a tad. It's not a problem, just thought I would point that out.

All customizing was done by me as well!

Making a little progress on my Felicity hat. Picked it up this morning and worked a tad on it, not much, but some. I'll probably have to stash it until I get Blythe customs done this week. I have two reroots and 3 customs to finish left, yay! After I do these, I'm taking a custom break before I contact the next customers. I want to play with my wheel a bit and dye up some roving. Trying so hard to get my yarn & fiber shop back in gear again, I miss it a lot.

Oh! How did I forget, I finished a plush today! This monster is for a swap I'm doing for Sayra (Atomic Blue). It's supposed to be a pink monster in a black kitty costume hehe The pink yarn was my own hand dyed and the black is just Knit Picks Palette. I need to get better pictures of this guy, he's too cute!

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